Summing Up DevLearn

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This week, our roundup of top employee training articles will focus on the highlight of the past week- the DevLean convention. Here you can find the best insights and most interesting videos (so prepare your headphones,) summing up the most innovative learning conference.

eLearning 2015 Trends Recap

A good conclusion of the main trends we have seen this year, with a glimpse of what we will see next year. Personalized learning, gamification and online courses were all subjects we discussed many times here, and if you still have not hit this vector, you are a lightyear late to the learning train. This great article is your chance to catch up on the next big thing.
Stay Up To Date on The Latest Learning and Training Trends

DevLearn 2015 – Love Your LMS

This is a great collection of video content from the convention, made by Litmos, with many interesting thoughts by a variety of L&D professionals. You should really take a look at the videos, which includes some of our own WalkMe professionals, and many more intelligent people with fascinating things to say. This article will help you relive some of the best DevLearn moments, and for those who did not attend the convention – a sneak peek from it.

The Digital Badges

The idea behind the badges is to answer the need of L&D tracking in the mobile world, where watching a YouTube video can be as enriching as a weeklong learning course. The badges also enhance the effectiveness and accuracy of personal online profile (such as LinkedIn) and make them a great tool to show ones abilities and skills. In this article, IBM showed their abilities to use the open badges system and amazed the crowds, showing how the badges system can work. The soon as you jump on that bandwagon – the better. The YouTube video below, by Professor Daniel Hickey from University of Indiana, explains the Badge system in a very detailed way, so if you have your free 20 minutes, you should check it out. NOTE – you won’t get a badge for watching it. Yet.

Video of the Week- All You Need to Know About eLearning

The lights already went down on DevLearn 2015, and as always, a convention with great minds always leads to interesting thoughts and ideas. One of the biggest trends now, and the future of learning, as many of you know by now, is eLearning (and eventually, according to the talk at DevLearn – Mobile Learning. Taking one step back, this video tries to put together the puzzle that is eLearning.
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