Forget Me Not – Critical Steps to Making Employee Training More Memorable

Benjamin Franklin said once “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Employee training professionals have to constantly overcome different challenges faced during employee training sessions, perhaps the most pressing being the retention rate of learners. Many of heard the “20 percent statistic”, that is that learners only

Future of Employee Learning

I borrowed a recent post (with permission of course) from Stephen J. Gill’s The Performance Improvement Blog, a great source for insight on learning issues these days.  Definitely recommend checking out the blog. Stephen wrote this blog back in April.  In it, he discusses the personalization of learning, mobile learning and learning agility. Future of

Welcome to the Training Station!

The Training Station is a new blog devoted to news, analysis and opinion about various issues related to workplace training and learning.  Like many in our day, the world of organizational learning and development is rapidly changing in the Internet Age and the evolution of business practices.  Let’s close the gap between training professionals and those