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#1- The New Learning Manifesto Laura Martin writes that learning will be continuous, personalized and bit-sized. The concept of learning/training has changed dramatically and it has been adapted to the needs of the modern society – nowadays, employees are being given smaller chunks of information that are easier to digest. Also, the modern training techniques are geared towards a greater learning retention. #2- Infographic: How Did Your Company Compare To The Industry Benchmarks? This article posted by Skillsoft claims that on average, organizations spend around $1,200 on employee for training and development. The ASTD complementary webinar can offer business owners a deeper insight into the best and most efficient training options. These training tactics will not only allow them to get the best results within the shortest period of time, but it will also help them minimize the employee training costs. #3- Spending On Corporate Training Increases Josh Bersin writes that the costs of corporate training have sky-rocketed lately. Corporations have spent 10% and 12% more money on corporate training in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Statistically speaking, it has been shown that high performance companies tend to spend more money on training. #4- Learning Technologies In 2014: Learning And Development Are Changing At A Faster Pace Than You Might Think Jo Faragher writes that learning and development tactics are changing at a faster pace than ever before. As many professionals from the L&D field claim, information is useless unless the context in which it is presented is perfectly adapted to the needs and requirements of each company. It is believed that companies will emphasize more on their employees’ own learning and development capabilities rather than investing millions of dollars in this segment. #5- Five Active Learning Strategies That Work Here’s one I wrote- Active learning strategies can help companies save money and their employees save more time. Self-directed learning and gamification are very efficient tactics that facilitate the learning process. On the other hand, the organizational learning process is a constant and continuous one. 


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