The Top 3 Corporate Training Blogs

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Blogs are useful and important to communication. They have the power to reach the masses. They also allow us express our views on any and every topic in existence. Blogs even influence how we produce and perceive business strategy for employee training. With the power to influence comes the power to TRAIN.

Because of the nature of blogs – being unregulated and coming from potentially unauthorized sources – you have to be wary. Sometimes you are reading inaccurate facts and biased posts, while at other times, you come across the unfettered truth. This is especially true when it comes to training blogs, where most information is based on industry leaders, successful case studies, and experience.

Listed below, are three of the best training blogs out there:

#1 – Learning in the Social Marketplace (Jane Hart’s blog)

Jane Hart, founder of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies. writes a consistently interesting and relevant blog on key issues related to corporate training, with a particular emphasis on social learning and performance support.  Her blog has comprehensive coverage on the use of various technologies for learning and performance, and it also includes valuable resources, such a yearly list of the best available learning tools.  Most recently, she focuses almost a lot of her writing on social needs, trends and technologies that support workplace learning. as well as the way employees learn best these days.

#2 – Life in Perpetual Beta – (Harold Jarche’s blog)

One of today’s most thought-provoking learning luminaries fearlessly examines the brave new world where “the work is learning and learning is the work.” Advanced learning technologies and strategies – collaboration, knowledge sharing, social learning environments.

#3 – Josh Bersin’s Blog

For those of you looking for something edgier, Bersin talks about training from the point of view of not just the corporate trainer, but also from the trained “civilian” populace. He talks at length about new ideas, new strategies and their ramifications in the real world. He avoids analytics and pretentious learning models, opting for a more grassroots perspective. Bersin is a good supplement for readers with various training objectives. Topics includes learning, leadership, HR rechnology, performance management, benchmarking, and more.

Corporate training blogs are numerous, but these are the top three I recommend for now. As soon as I come across some more ‘worthy’ training blogs, I will be sure to post updates.

Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog