This Week’s Best in Training

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 1. Training the Next Generation In this article by Queena Lee-Chua the author outlines the five stages of transition from identity building to retirement as family businesses expand and grow. 2. On the Move: Training, Educational Programs Develop Local Workforce In Michelle Sandlin’s article about training and development she discusses the importance of customized training programs, and the role of university partners in creating and sustaining organized training programs. 3. Ford Schools Dealers on High-Tech 2015 Mustang In this article by Bradford Wernie he offers up Ford’s training strategy as an interesting example of training and in particular dealership training. This article truly articulates the importance of training even the experts. 4. Essential Not Optional: Why Employee Training & Development Matters Karmen Blackwood’s article about training and development offers up a strong argument about making the investment in our employees. Remaining competitive and engaged is no longer just a perk of training opportunities, it is a requirement and a must have for all businesses. 5. Reducing Interruptions at Work – How to Keep the Flow Finally this article I address the importance of software and technology in limiting interruptions in one’s workplace duties. From creating distraction free workplaces to developing workflow improvements, there are employee training tracking software solutions that can help you improve efficiencies and focus.   Please join us for a free webinar Make Software Training Stick – Salesforce Edition on Tuesday October 7 at 1pm ET/ 10am PT. The webinar will look at some of the common challenges facing those responsible for software training. We will present how technology can help overcome these challenges, ensuring that training can both be effective and leave a direct and lasting impact on user performance. Save your seat by clicking here now.
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