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By: Jason @TStationBlog Silberman From principles of future employees and security awareness training for employees, this week’s best in training cover a variety of themes in training and training leadership. 1. 2014 State of the Industry Report: Spending on Employee Training Remains a Priority Laurie Miller’s article outlines how organizations and development investments are currently at healthy levels compared to previous years. From an outline of global growth to internal and external services, Miller’s article provides excellent support for a positive outlook.  2. Despite Skeptics, Security Awareness Training for Employees is Booming In Brandon Blevin’s article he makes the case for enterprise security   awareness training. In particular he outlines how this general compliance checkbox activity may be far more effective  if security awareness is more than just a must-have.  3. The 7 Principles of the Future Employee In Jacob Morgan’s article he takes us on a journey into the future to look  at 7 principles of the future employee. From a flexible work environment to work customization, many of these attributes are encouraging to those who commit to these principles today. 4. CLOs Prioritize Budgets for Learning Technologies In Cushing Anderson’s article, the author outlines the practices of the top CLOs. From thoughtfully creating program budgets to identifying learner needs and finding the right technology, Anderson’s article defines the priorities of top CLOs.  5. IT Training: Positive, Productive, Powerful (Infographic)  In this article by Saxons Learning, an insightful infographic is used to address the ongoing and regular IT training as an important aspect of any contemporary work environment.  6. 3 Ways Training is the Best Employee Medicine  Finally in this article we tackle employee training as a critical component for employee satisfaction and dedication. From increasing motivation and team building to increasing productivity, we hope this article will help you address some of your biggest challenges with employee training. Here are some more employee training articles which are available only for you.

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