This Week’s Top 5 Articles in Corporate Training

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Welcome to another weekly roundup of the best articles, where we discuss everything from the $1M Investment in a promising training startup, Snoop Dogg’s training management, the 5 learning trends to shape the future, online free academic education, and even an ex-military officer sharing his insights on corporate training. Enjoy!  

Following $1 Million Seed Round, Expertknowledge Founder Explains Why Corporate Training Fails

Innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand with corporate training. We must not forget that old school methods are dynamic and must be adapted to the changing times in order to keep training programs fresh and engaging. Here is a glimpse into one of these promising training start-ups that aim to rattle the industry.  

Burger King Got Snoop Dogg to Teach Staff How to Make Hot Dogs

So, this just happened – Snoop Dogg is Burger King’s new face for training videos. Rapper Snoop Dogg stars in the fast food chain’s new instructional video for employees, a clip that was originally labeled for ‘internal use only’ but has since been released to the public following ‘popular demand’.  

5 Learning Tech Trends to Watch in the Next 5 Years

“Training trends” sometimes seem like a buzzword, but in some cases, these two words represent real game changers that are going to set the stage for the next level of corporates training programs. This article discusses 5 trends that are more than worth watching – they are worth implementing: Microlearning, Gamification, Social learning, Adaptive learning and Immersive learning. meeting with noga to finalize our plan (Noga Gur-Arieh) is starting at 5:00pm.  

6 Tips for Small Business Employee Training

Chris Adam wrote this guest post for Succeeding in Small Business, where he shares his tips for creating a winning training management strategy. Among the listed tips, you can find a recommendation to making the most of online training courses, bridging the generational gap between millennial and boomer employees and more.  

Watch: From Traditional Training To Social Training

This week I bring you Harold Jarche, is an international consultant and speaker, helping people and businesses understand the new era of digital work. Harold supports organizations in improving performance through social learning and utilizes the experience he gained after serving over 20 years in the Canadian Armed Forces in leadership and training roles.
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