Top 10 Learning Technologies and Talks at DevLearn 2015

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DevLearn is like being a kid in a candy store…for training and learning techies like us.

Pretty soon the only place you’ll be able to find printed tutorial’s and self-help manuals will be in museums. They’re becoming antique pieces — a thing of the past. Education and learning has gone through some radical changes and the fascinating world of e-learning is booming. There are scores of new technologies that are giving new life and direction to thousands of students across the world. The technologies include interactive guidance tools, training videos, animated tutorials, face-to-face software tutorials etc. In this article we will take a closer look at some of the best e-learning technologies that are taking over the business world.  

Why DevLearn 2015?

The annual DevLearn conference is the place to see demos of the best e-learning technologies on the market. This conference is worth attending for any professional interested in making their digital product easier to use –website administrators, software product managers and software product marketers. It’s a great opportunity to get exposed to all of the software options out there and stack them up against each other.

The Top 5 Technologies You Shouldn’t Miss

1. WalkMe

WalkMe signifies a departure from traditional learning methods. At Walkme, there is no front-loaded, one size fits all, heavy approach to learning, but rather a much more personalized, customized and experiential training environment that provides context, relevance, flexibility and just-in-time learning. WalkMe software overlays onto your screen and helps users learn how to use your site and navigate to the areas where you want them. The software helps users act and react to prompts within your site. You can find WalkMe at booth 432.  

2. Adobe eLearning Suite

Ask any expert attending the conference and they’ll have many reasons to vouch for Adobe e-learning suites. Adobe’s eLearning Suite is built around Adobe Captivate 5, which through its Flash-based output enables online delivery of interactive training materials. According to Mark Fletcher an eLearning developer, “the roundtripping capability between Adobe Captivate 5 and Flash Professional CS5 gives me a powerful tool for integrating animations into my projects.” It’s one of the leading HTML5-based learning solutions in the market today.  

3. GoToMeeting From Citrix

If you are one of those keen on getting to know more about Citrix and its famous GoToMeeting e-learning module, then this conference will hit the spot. You’ll learn about various unique Teach Face-To-Face software solutions through a small group of breakout sessions. You’ll also learn about various user-friendly features like seamless audio and video facilities, mobile friendly solutions and so on.  

4. SealWork Interactive Studios

SealWorks Interactive Studios will open vistas to new learning solutions, with the best of technology and design. It will help you to learn more about their community-driven software and learning solutions which will help customers get in touch with experts in the field.  

5.  GoAnimate

GoAnimate is another great e-learning software tool that helps end users get up the learning curve quite easily. Go!Animate enables users to easily create beautiful animated videos that can act as tutorials. According to Reelsee, “it offers an easy to use drag and drop interface that makes it simple and fun to create videos that look professional.” It really has some of the simplest do-it-yourself tools. It is also low cost solutions and therefore perfectly suited for startups and other organizations where funds are limited.  

5 DevLearn Talks you Shouldn’t Miss

The conference will assemble the most well-renowned global e-Learning experts, especially those in large-scale corporate environments. They’ll share their expertise across a wide spectrum of topics including the importance of discovery, curiosity and learning without boundaries. Here are a few of the talks you should look out for: 1. Yahoo Tech columnist David Pogue will discuss what will life be like when printed newspapers and printed books are niche relics? And how will all of these changes affect the way we learn. In This funny, fast-paced snapshot of the new world, promises to bring us up to date—and help us consider what we’ll gain, what we’ll lose, and how learning will shift into something we’ve never seen before. 2. Adam Savage Host, MythBusters &Industrial Design/Special Effects Fabricator will explore the need to ask questions in order to discover and find meaning, as well as the important roles questions, storytelling, and curiosity play in learning. He will offer thrilling examples of how simple curiosity can change not just how we look at learning, but also the way we think about the world. 3. Eran Gal will demonstrate how to integrate formal and informal learning with a performance support solution. Training professionals seek to apply business-driven solutions and evaluate their impact, thus meeting the main goals of their organizations. So how can they recognize and apply informal learning and stay in control all at the same time? 4. Becoming the Perfect Waiter: Athenahealth’s Shift to Experiential Learning with Ted Henning, is another promising session. We will learn how athenahealth successfully transitioned to a performance focused training and support model, and the importance of providing support in the moment of need 5. Digital Badges and the Future of Learning with Connie Yowell will examine the current state of badges in education and training, exploring what’s working and what opportunities still need to be explored.  

So, get on out there and learn how you can make the power of e-Learning work for you!

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