Top 4 Training Reads

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1# The Peril Of Untrained Entry-Level Employees A new study by Accenture 2014 Colege Graduate Employment Survey has new revelations for employers who intend to hire new employees with little skills. One result from the study shows that new employees get limited training from employers. Read more about this survey in this article. Created by David Smith 2# Avoid The 10 Most Workplace Training Fails Every workplace should have a training program in place to hone their employees’ skills and capabilities. However, some training programs do not succeed in achieving the set goals. John Tscholhl looks at 10 mistakes that should be avoided during training process. 3# Turn Employees Problems Around As a manager, you should be able to respond to your employees needs before somethings goes wrong. This means you have to be proactive and not reactive. Here is an article I came across on how to turn employees’ problems around by Ken Blanchard 4# 5 Character Traits Of A Great Training Manager There are some specific traits that every training manager should possess. For example, he or she should be able to effectively transfer technical knowledge to employees. Here is an article I wrote this week on 5 major character traits that every training manager should have.
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