Top 5 Training Articles of the Week

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1# Onboarding Essentials: What Really Matters to New Employees (Infographic) Onboarding is one of the most important steps that employers need to undertake when introducing new employees to the organizations. Sticking to the essential training determined how they adapt and become productivity in their new place of work. Ryan Sanders write about some of the important aspects that matter to new employees. 2# Some Japanese Companies Send Employees to Military Boot Camps Businesses are now investing heavily in their human resource by taking employees through a number of training programs. The programs are designed to hone skills and increase productivity. RocketNews24 looks at how some Japanese companies take employees to military boot camps for specialized training. 3# What To Do When Managers And Employees Aren’t On The Same Page It is of paramount importance to managers and employees to work together towards a given set of goals and objectives. However, that is not always the case. Tom Fox looks at what should be done when managers are not working well with their employees. 4# Three Ways Online Learning Boost Employee Productivity And Company Profits Internet has made it easy for people to take various courses without necessarily driving to the land-based learning facilities. Employees can benefit from online learning platforms that offer courses related to their professionals. Josh Clement takes an in-depth look at how this platform can improve productivity and company profits. 5# Get New Hires Proficient With Workday® Fast! Early on, I wrote an article on how to get new employees acquainted to the company fast. Here are 5 proven strategies on how to ensure new hires become proficient within a short span of time. Read the full version of the article here if you missed it.
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