Top 5 Training Articles

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1# What Happens When You Add Big Data to L&D Life is very dynamic, hence it is important to keep tabs on the ever changing analytic and performance measurement parameters. Learning and training can help improve performance. Roy Saunderson takes a look at effects of adding big data on L&D. 2# Beating the Forgetting Curve with Distributed Practice The rate at which people forget what they are taught in training sessions is shocking. Is it possible to solve this problem through a distributed practice? Learnnovators group of experts take a look at how we can free ourselves from this problem. 3# Make Work More Human We can transform our work stations to be more human and in line with the changing economy. Harold takes a look at how to convert work to be more human and beneficial. 4# Want Your New Employees’ Personal Commitment? Take their Onboarding Personally  On boarding is one of the guaranteed ways of introducing new employees into your organizations and earning their commitment. Engaging with them on various issues will help you understand them better. George Bradt discusses how managers can get new employees’ commitment through engagement. 5# 2 Dumb Mistakes Smart Training Managers Make (and How to Avoid Them) We all make mistakes- that’s why they put erasers on the back of pencils. Yet, some mistakes are worse than others. Check out this article that outlines the 2 most detrimental mistakes that EVEN successful training managers make.  
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