Top 7 Tools to Boost Your Internal Training In 2015

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Without proper training, even the most talented employees are left to discover efficient work tactics and processes on their own – and this can cost organizations a lot of time and money. Putting a formal internal training program in place can help increase productivity and free up a manager’s time. However, in recent years, classroom training sessions have proven to be less effective than alternative methods. The need for training tools has grown increasingly popular in order to provide a more personal and specific training experience. These tools encourage training to actually stick and promote a healthier learning environment for new employees.

Below are the top 7 most reputable internal training software according to 2015 reviews

  1. Halogen Talent Space

Halogen Talent Space is a cloud-based training suite that has been built based on the idea of driving higher employee performance. It has a simple implementation model in addition to an unlimited access to expert resources and tools, allowing your team to be part of a vibrant community of learners who want to get up to speed with the latest trends in your relevant industry. Halogen’s Talent Management Suite has applications for 360 feedback, learning management, performance reviews and succession planning. These individual models are inter-linked to the Halogen eAppraisal which helps to support every step of the employee life-cycle.
  1. WalkMe

With studies showing that employees remember less than 20% of what they are taught within 3 months of training, WalkMe aims to make sure learners always understand and integrate their development lessons. Furthermore, the platform provides learners with personal support and assistance while allowing the organization to save thousands of dollars by cutting on IT and support requirements. Employees who use this platform receive immediate and direct mentorship, in the moment of need, and this helps them perform better and learn faster. The system is designed to cut the learning curve and shorten training times with the end goal of boosting employee and team productivity. To top it off, WalkMe helps reduce attrition and helps lower training costs by ensuring continuous learning and knowledge retention. A Free Demo account is usually provided on the customers live site, and a Free POC is something you can bargain for, provided based on industry and number of employees.
  1. HR Training Software

Ascentis is a comprehensive human capital management suite that comes with built-in features like social sharing, career portals, onboarding and candidate data analysis. With many different training courses provided to meet different industry needs, this software builds on effective time management techniques to maximize on learning. In addition, it has a self-service module that automates most of the typical time consuming processes thereby reducing the number of man-hours spent on basic learning and workplace tasks. The system is further enhanced for mobile phone delivery, thus making it easier for companies to increase technology adoption rates. Besides that, Ascentis offers a fully automated time and attendance solution that features clock in/out, online timesheets, scheduling functionality and more. According to records, this HR talent management tool is currently in use by more than 1,500 businesses. The fact that it is based on Microsoft’s SQL Server database means it is a highly secure facility that meets recommended audit standards.
  1. Grovo

Grovo is yet another innovative online-based LMS designed to offer contemporary professional and internet usage skills through an out-of-the-box micro-learning approach. The platform offers over 4500 video assessment and lessons that cover a wide variety of useful lessons such as project management, online marketing, social media and more. Your organization can also choose to upload its unique training content in the form of PowerPoint presentations, videos and documents. You can also create a tailored training assessment to ensure learners are grasping exactly what is expected of them. Grovo keeps adding new lessons to its collection every day and this can go a long way in keeping your employees current on the most relevant technology in their areas of specialization. This learning platform is provided with a free 14-day trial process and has even received mention from The New York Times and PC Mag.
  1. Sage HRMS

Sage HRMS makes it easy to implement employee training goals and programs to ensure all learners are rightfully engaged in receiving the training they need to update their skills. With powerful tools that enable you to effectively administer internal training requirements, Sage HRMS has been touted as one of the most reliable tools for analyzing cost benefit relationships, ensure program costs are effectively managed and analyze reports. The platform has been found suitable by customers from vertical markets since it suits organizations with 50 to 3,000 employees. Best of all is that Sage Business Care lines are open 24/7 for those who would like to get technical assistance, product upgrades or educational opportunities.
  1. HR Smart

HRSmart has been offering unified talent training and HR solutions since 1999 and to-date they have accumulated over 15 million users in over 35 countries using 28 global languages. The platform is available in modular system, meaning that an organization can choose exactly what they need. Each feature is provided in a standalone format but can as well be combined with other modules for more flexibility and diversity. The entire system is driven by metrics and it has reliable analytical tools in place. As a SaaS-based system, learners can easily access it remotely on the internet thereby causing minimal disruption.
  1. Success Factors

SuccessFactors is an ideal tool for large organizations as well as small businesses. Because it is cloud-based, the tool is highly mobile providing organizations with unlimited access to learning material. The entire suite incorporates learning management, core HR, onboarding, goal management and applicant tracking features. SuccessFactors training infrastructure combines learning analysis, content management and social learning. One outstanding feature of the learning modules is iContent which is a “content-as-a-service” tool that allows easy management of digital learning materials including presentations, training videos and course materials. This learning platform comes with a host of built-in collaboration tools known as Jam. Jam allows learners to share content, ideas and even take part in discussion topics throughout the learning period. Best of all is that SuccessFactors can work across industries with sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofits and retail ranking among its top-most current active users. A free Demo account is provided alongside a free price quote based on nature of your industry and number of employees in your organization.


Training requires more than just telling employees what to do one time. People tend to learn better through repetition and via an ingenious combination of delivery methods. So, find out what is suitable for your organization and make good use of it to empower your team.      
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