Top Articles This Week – Face Business Challenges with Training

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When you study big, successful enterprises from all industries, you discover many lines of similarity between them.   One of those similarities is the enterprises ability to translate their goals and challenges into a system that provides its workforce the tools to be successful. The articles below deal with the topic mentioned above, showing business challenges and ways to overcome them using training.

Airbus Manufacturing Facility: Employee Training

Airbus, one of the world leaders in flight business, must have a zero mistake policy when it comes to manufacturing.  This leads to a detailed employee training system, as we can see in this Video.

Aeon Brings Japanese Customer Service to Southeast Asia

Aeon ltd is a retail supermarket giant in Asia.   As a cross-border enterprise, Aeon faces the challenge of different origin workforce – Indonesian worker and Japanese worker have big culture differentials, so the large enterprise has to set a standard when it comes to customer service.

Cloud Mindset Shift

One of the most important technological upgrades in past few years was the globalization of the “Cloud” – the online storage system that allows access to files from anywhere and anyone in the world.  It also became one of the challenges business face. Its pros top its cons, but many “anti-tech” employees suffer greatly when trying to adapt to the new working habits.

The Road More Traveled

The challenge of working in multiple countries, such the one Aeon ltd faces, is a well known challenge many enterprises have to deal with.  How can enterprise deal with an employee who needs to be stationed in other countries?

The Importance of Employee Training

Business face different challenge, especially in the internet oriented, globalized world we live in.  The ways the handle challenges are diverse, but when it comes the employees, every challenge can be dealt with the proper training program.
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