Top articles This Week on Employee Training Technology

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Technology is constantly evolving. A good business knows how to identify technology improvements and use them to enhance productivity. While high-tech enterprises are usually pioneering the technology improvements area in terms of innovation, creativity and usage rate, other organizations usually stay behind. And when you consider the swift pace of development in every technological field, you just cannot afford to stay behind. This week I would like to introduce you to some trending technology improvements in employee training, unsurprisingly using the same technological features we all use on daily basis.

Mobile Devices Give Access to Training Anywhere, Anytime

“Time factor” is a phrase you will hear and read about in almost any employee training related discussion or article. Mobile devices such as smartphone or Tablet can be a true solution to the time challenge. A training app can be a true time saver by allowing employees to train while waiting in lines, riding the bus or even using the toilet (And if you don’t believe me, just watch,) and turn those non-productive time periods into actual effective training time.

Why Video Should Be Part of Employee Onboarding

Using videos for training can be a true time and money saver, as this must-read article by Heinan Landa shows, training videos can be a great way to save crucial time usually spent on frontal teaching, and also increase the availability of the lectures content. This article contains great information about the pros of training videos, and is a must read.

How to Deliver a Stand Out Employee Training and Development

This article explains basically everything you need to know about technological options for improving your employee training and development. The shortlist varies from E-learning to mobile options, and even gamification, which is a trend we have mentioned a few times in our blog posts, and is a very interesting and creative way to develop your employees.

How Online Training Increases Employee Engagement

The internet makes everything available everywhere and anytime, and has become an inseparable part of our lives. So why not use it to increase training productivity? For example – 10 minutes of online training a day can show your employees both your eagerness for improvement and that you care about their productivity. Online training can easily reduce churn, increase efficiency, and make the employees feel more engaged.

How to Reinforce Knowledge Post-Training

In the last article I would like to focus on the second side of employee training – using supporting technology like “WalkMe” can improve your employee’s productivity in and after training. The ability to reduce the unnecessary actions an employee must do to complete a process on the work place, is one no manager can afford to give up on. Cutting the workload can also increase motivation and save time and money for the enterprise.
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