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Hey everyone,
Happy weekend and happy holidays.
With the employee training world developing at a rapid pace, it’s good to stay up to date with the latest trends, technologies and ideas. With that in mind, here are some articles that recently have interested me – I think you’ll find them interesting as well.
Mobile Learning Booms in Global Markets (T&D Magazine) – The mobile learning markets in Africa and the Middle East are thriving, according to two new reports from industry analyst Ambient Insight. In fact, the mobile learning market in Africa is the highest in the world, according to The 2012-2017 Africa Mobile Learning Market, which reports that the five-year compounded annual growth rate is 38.9 percent. The report also forecasts revenues from mobile learning products to grow more than five times to reach $530.1 million by 2017, up from the $102.4 million reached in 2012.
PIAF = no regrets (Clive Shephard’s blog) – Clive Shephard further explores the blended learning approach in different aspects, including preparation, imput, application and follow-up. Very interesting read, and check out the more recent posts on the same topic as well.
Technology-Enabled Learning Makes a Big Impact, Study Finds (Training Journal) – According to a new report published by Towards Maturity, in 2013, learning and development professionals have more technology options to choose from and are using 57%more technologies to support learning than in 2008. For example in 2013 more than 50% of the sample are using enterprise wide systems such as Sharepoint, mobile learning and rapid development tools to supplement their core offering.
How to Plan for your Employee Training (Microsoft Small Business blog) – Mark Arnold writes that “By planning for employee training, your company can make the entire process much simpler and reduce the implementation time of new procedures and technology. Your employees are only as prepared to complete their jobs are you train them to be, so consider creating a comprehensive training plan that educates your team in the most effective and affordable way possible.”
The Role of the Learner in Employee Training (ASTD L&D Blog) A post of mine that looks at the unique role and responsibilities of employees during the training period and beyond.
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