The Latest Training and Development Articles You Should Know

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There’s no doubt that there are plenty of training and development articles on the internet, but choosing the good ones can take some work. Not only will you have to look at a wide selection of articles, you will also need to make sure that the information they offer is suitable for your company’s training needs. Fortunately, looking for the right training articles doesn’t have to be a difficult task. There are a few things that you can do to make your work easier. So if you’re searching for some quality training and development articles for your organization then here are few examples to help you get started.

Examples of Quality Training and Development Articles

From the Society for Human Resource Management: “Seven Trends Expected to Influence Training in 2013”

Aside from its contents, it’s important to remember that this article was released by the Society for Human Resource Management, and its source alone indicates that it has something useful to offer its readers in search of the most effective employee training methods.

From Business & Legal Resources: “2014 Employee Training Trends Infographic”

Although not strictly an article, BLR’s infographic offers a lot of useful data about employee training trends, and such information alone can be extremely beneficial to any company.

From Dale Carnegie Training: “Engaged Employees Infographic”

Unlike the BLR article, this piece offers information about employee engagement and its consequences. Furthermore, it also offers explanations about the consequences of the lack of employee engagement.

The most important benefit behind these articles is that they offer real value for your time and effort. So whether it’s facts, statistics, advice or infographics, be sure to find an article that offers some useful information for your company.

How to Choose Quality Training and Development Articles

Like most types of articles on the internet, training and development articles possess certain qualities which set them apart from less informative materials. First of all, you will need to consider the source of the articles themselves. You can find all kinds of sites which offer personnel training and development materials, but most of the best articles you’ll find on the internet come from sites which have good reputations. A good example is a government site, like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which offers articles that offer data about employee training and performance.

Another factor that you will need to consider when searching for good employee training articles is the value that they offer. Take for example statistical facts. Quality articles usually offer numbers or statistics about certain topics related to training and development trends. You can then use these statistics either to reform your organization’s training program or to make a case for a particular training concept. A third factor that you should consider when searching for a training article is the kind of advice that they have to offer. For example, articles that offer tips on the types of employee training or increase personnel productivity can be very useful to you and your company. The more specific their advice is, the more useful they are as articles.


Finding something becomes a lot easier if you know what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for tips on improving employee performance or ideas on how to more effectively implement your company’s training program, it helps to know which employee training and development articles are most suitable for you needs. So if you are in need for good articles for your company ,then remember this checklist, because it can make your work a lot easier.

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