The Training and Development Articles You Must Read

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Developing a strong employee training program is not always about policy implementing or hiring the right employees. At times, it also involves going through the best training and development articles. However, you need to know that these articles don’t always need to be revolutionary. What matters the most is these articles will help your company and you have a better understanding on conducting employee training and development. This will also help you compare your company’s policy with that of the several other organizations. Apart from these, the articles will also make aware of the several experts in this field. With that, if you are searching for the best training and development articles, you need to check out these.

Some useful employee training and development articles:

1. Daniel Burrus: Training Your Staff: Harness the Future of Training to Develop the Best Talent

According to the article by Daniel Burrus, in the next couple of years of how you train your employees will not be the same. In fact, he believes that it will transform to something absolutely new and not change. He further stresses on implementing just in time training. According to this, the employees can learn something new by doing it. This article that was first published in the Huffington post stresses more on technological training of the employees or real time training. The article is one of the best because it clearly mentions how you can make it work in your favor. Daniel Burrus has laid down a proper employee training plan for your help.

2. Dr. Eduardo Salas training and development articles: So Much Training, So Little to Show for it

This is one of the best Training and development articles that was first published in the Wall Street Journal by Rachel Emma Silverman. However, it contains the ideas of Dr. Salas of University of Central Florida. Interestingly, this article or interview provides you a proper outlook on some of the trends that involves reasons why monetary investment is sometimes insufficient. That’s not all, Dr. Salas has also provided some tips and ways on better techniques of investing money to increase effectiveness of training the employees and controlling employee training costs.

3. Victor Lipman: Why Employee Development Is Important, Neglected and Can Cost You Talent

This article by Victor Lipman was published in Forbes offers insights which most of the executives are aware of. But these are presented in such a way that it appears fresh and innovative. Apart from these, the way Lipman has put forth the matter is also easy to understand. His main aim is to focus on the psychology and motivation of the personnel who wish to move ahead in their career. That’s not all, he also focuses on how corporate employee training should be conducted to help the employees motivate and become a good team player. Even though this article is nothing of a very high genre, it still focuses on employee training and development.

Lastly, along with going through these useful and informative training and development articles, it is also important to check out the gamification examples to try in the employee training programs.

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