Training Articles I Enjoyed Reading This Week

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Another week has come and gone and the world of Training is buzzing as always. Here, I’ve summed up the articles I found to be most interesting in one simple post. Take a look: 1# Learning 2014: Mobile and Social Opportunities Cushing Anderson takes a sneak peek to what the future holds for CLOs in 2014 against the backdrop of rising budgets in 2013 and 2012. The author analyzes the effects of US government trying to gauge the impact of some of its potential policies in the wake of evident budget constraints, job cuts and sequestration. 2# Toolbox Tip 3 Easy Steps to Making Videos with Articulate Replay The use of flipped videos to complete traditional classroom lectures has gained immense popularity in recent days. But how do you get started? Mike Taylor takes an incisive look at all the important steps involved in making lecture videos with articulate replay to enhance training. 3# Seven New Year Resolutions for Virtual Trainers Virtual trainers looking for new ways to enhance their training will definitely fall in love with Bill Rosenthal’s article on New Year resolutions for Virtual Trainers. Bill offers you 7 turn-key tips that you need to adopt in earnest in order to have a successful 2014; career-wise. 4# The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: Opportunities and Challenges for the L&D Profession Let’s face it; we live in a world that is extremely dynamic in many ways. Things are changing at a very fast pace. What should L&D departments do to cope with this growing pressure? What mistakes have L&D departments made in the past that need to be corrected going forward? That’s precisely what Charles Jennings talks about in this well thought-out write-up. 5# How to Set Up the Right Employee Gamification Program In this post I talk about the role of employee gamification. A well-run gamification program is paramount in encouraging employees to be more innovative, productive and hardworking. I share some nice tips for a successful gamification project.

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