Training Lessons from Batman

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By: Jason @TStationBlog Silberman  In this page from Batman: Year One written by Frank Miller with Art by David Mazzucchelli, Bruce Wayne has returned to Gotham City and wants to make a difference in the wake of his parent’s murder. He has trained abroad for years honing and perfecting his skills and yet, he waits. Bruce believes that he has the skill but not the method. In other words he can deliver a punishing blow, but he is still not ready, and must wait for the right time and place. Sometimes life is like that. We have skills we train for, and hone over years of hard work and dedication and yet something is missing. There is an intangible ingredient to training and success, that special moment when all your hard work and experience come together. We must prepare for that moment because it could mean the difference between going out into the world as Batman, and staying home as Bruce Wayne.   Batman4040003

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