Webinar: Make Your Employee Training Stick

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Recently, I had the privilege to moderate and present at a webinar, Make Your Employee Training Stick. The webinar examined the challenges of how to transform employee training from something often seen as dull and burdensome to something more engaging, memorable and that will leave a lasting impact.  We looked at concepts including big data, motivation science and gamification to engage employees during training, as well as how do best provide the proper post-training employee support that they need. I was joined during the webinar by Bunchball, an industry leader in gamification solutions who looked at how gamification mechanics built into business processes can drive employees to participate more, work smarter, learn more and collaborate more fully. I was also happy to be joined by WalkMe, an interactive online guidance and engagement platform, which demonstrated how its technology can directly link learning to performance to ensure a smooth and quick transition from training to day-to-day tasks. I’m happy to share the webinar with you.  To view the webinar, click play below.
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog