Weekly Roundup – Top 5 Articles on Employee Training Strategies

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This week’s round up of the most interesting articles from around the web will deal with employee training strategy, rather than tactical tools for improvement, which is something I focused on quite a bit recently. The following articles I found tackle the crucial topics and ideas you have to understand when building your training program, and were written by the best training management experts. I myself have adopted some of the tips given here, and I bet you would, too. Enjoy!

How to develop an effective employee training program

The cornerstones for a good, effective organizational training program are detailed in this interesting article, which touches the most crucial points. Another key feature that in my opinion every training program must consider is employee training tools, which helps to target your training – You want your training program to be as less time-consuming as possible, and eLearning training tools, and especially those who offer contextual guidance, are a great choice.

Design Training to Impact 3 Critical Organizational Dynamics

Employees face workplace challenges in 3 different layers: -The personal: tasks, personal skills, chords and assignments. -The interpersonal: include the relationship of co-workers, employee and boss, etc. for many workers (and not just employees) this is the toughest challenge. -The organizational: fitting employees skillset, aspirations and career goals into the enterprise goals and targets.This article deals with those 3 problems from a training point of view, and is a true mind opener.

State of employee training 2015

This article presents an amazing summery of the current trends in the L&D world. From my point of view, the part of the digital training tools is the most interesting, and gives a numerical proof to an already known phenomenon. Another interesting fact is that 1 out of 3 employees say the training program are not effective enough in terms of time usage. What do your employees say?

HR learn from elementary schools educators

Organizational learning and training has many brothers and sisters – schools, colleges, sports, etc. Learning from these “siblings” can really increase your programs productivity, and increase the probability of an improvement in your training system. This article introduces you of a manager who learns from his kids’ elementary school. It is Fascinating.

What is the Future Trends in eLearning?

Our world evolves quickly, and every second you are not up to date, the gap between you and recent technology is increasing. This is the interview we published last week with the eLearning expert – Dr. Eran Gal, in which he shares his insights about the future trends in eLearning, following the DevLearn conference. Dr. Gal touches the main problem in the new technology- based environment we see more and more today – the ability to manage and monitor training, and the intergeneration gap that increases every day.

2 Ideas that Will Cut Your Employee Onboarding and Training Time in Half

When assembling a training program, you have to consider the time factor. Time is the most precious resource you have, because unlike any other resource, it can’t be undone – time period that was not used effectively is literally gone. Using Videos, information available on the cloud, and online guidance tools tools (WalkMe, for example) are great solutions for cutting the learning curve and avoid unnecessary actions – resulting in time saving and increased efficiency. In her great article, Janine Popick suggests using videos and using options available on cloud as great time-saving techniques.
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