Why eLearning?

Why eLearning?
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42% Of Companies Say That eLearning Has Led to an increase in revenue.

eLearning in employee training is no longer a thought of the future. Since 2000, E-Learning has grown 900%. Implementing it is no longer a question of yes or no. It is now simply a question of which system to integrate in your current training programs. To help you answer this, I found an infographic by Expand Interactive, that provides you with all the details and information you need.

Starting off with probably the most important question: “why”. Why should you be implementing e-learning? The infographic answers this question through various statistics of how it will benefit the employees and the company as a whole. Through eLearning you will witness growth in your company that may not have been possible through traditional training methods. This infographic shows how e-learning can transform your company. Like I have said, it is no longer a question of yes or no; it’s simply a question of when.

Click on the pic below and Enjoy!


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