Why is Employee Motivation So Important for Performance?

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When looked upon the first time, the link between employee motivation and performance seems to be quite obvious. That’s because every time when we deem a task to be important and valuable to us, we act with a high level of dedication and enthusiasm to its completion. However, the relationship between these two things is in fact a lot more complex. Realistically speaking, the duties we have at work can be most of the time tedious, repetitive and quite boring. Most of us don’t go to work excited that we’re going to have another day in which we’ll respond to dozens of emails, complete countless Excel spreadsheets, or other tasks which fall into the dullness category. With that in mind, managers need to find creative ways in which to consistently keep their employees motivated as much as possible. Motivation is highly important for every company due to the benefits that it’s able to bring. Such benefits include: Human Capital Management – a company can achieve its full potential only by making use of all the financial, physical, and human resources that it has. It is through these resources that the employees get motivated to accomplish their duties. This way, the enterprise begins to glisten as everyone is doing their best to fulfill their tasks. Meeting Personal Goals Help an Employee Stay Motivated and Feel About Themselves to Continue to Produce – Motivation can facilitate a worker reaching his/her personal goals, and can facilitate the self-development of an individual.  Once that worker meets some initial goals, they realize the clear link between effort and results, which will further motivate them to continue at a high level. This relates closely to… Greater Employee Satisfaction – Worker satisfaction is important for every company, as this one factor can lead towards progress or regress. In the absence of an incentive plan, employees will not fill ready to fulfill their objectives. Thus, managers should seek to empower them through promotion opportunities, monetary and non-monetary rewards, or disincentives in case of inefficient employees. Raising Employee Efficiency– An employee’s efficiency level is not strictly related to his abilities and qualifications. In order to get the very best results, an employee needs to have a perfect balance between ability and willingness. Such balance can lead to an increase of productivity, lower operational costs, and an overall improvement in efficiency, and can be achieved only through motivation. A Higher Chance of Meeting the Company’s Goals – Any enterprise has its goals, which can be achieved only when the following factors are met: – There is a proper resource management – The work environment is a cooperative one – All employees are directed by their objectives – Goals can be reached if cooperation and coordination are fulfilled at once through motivation Better Team Harmony – A proper work environment focused on cooperative relationships is highly important for an organization’s success. Not only that it can bring stability and profits, but employees will also adapt more easy to changes, fact which is ultimately in the company’s benefit. Workforce Stability – Stability of the personnel is highly important from a business point of view. The staff will stay loyal to the enterprise only they meet a sense of participation within the management side. The abilities and potency of staff can be used in their own advantage, but also in the benefit of the company. This may cause an honest public image within the market which can attract competent and qualified individuals into the business. With all that said, it’s important also to point out that motivation is an interior feeling which should target both the manager and the team members, as they can interact and feed off each other, motivationally speaking. Needs, wishes and desires are interrelated, representing the thrust to act. These wants should be understood by the manager and he/she should formulate and frequently update comprehensive motivation strategies. If you wish to inspire your personnel, then you need to provide an environment that exudes positive energy. Ensure that all your workers feel that they are an integral contributor to the overall team success. Keep your workplace doors open and keep yourself approachable, and encourage all of your managers to try and be constant. The additional positive of the surroundings, the additional empowering and greater employees’ productivity are the basic elements that will get your business to the top. This is why employee motivation is so important. Related information is available on employee training software page. Enjoy your readings.
Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog