The World of Employee Training – Monthly Article Roundup

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This month’s roundup of employee training articles include some of the best articles that I have come ever come across. These articles will be beneficial and informative as they provide background as to what is happening in the world of training, as well as helpful tips to boost productivity and efficiency, which are somethings we are always looking to improve.

10 Steps to Help Your Employees Be More Productive

This article, from Business 2 Community, understands the importance of productivity and how happy employees lead to higher productivity. They question how we make employees happier, that doesn’t involve money. They present 10 tips on how to boost employee engagement, ultimately helping your company. Tips such as keeping them updated and promoting creativity and innovation are some of the first steps!

Help Your Corporate Training Take Flight

7 Top Corporate Learning Management Systems for Employee Training & Development

Picking the best system for your employee training program is no easy task, as you want to make an educated decision. To help you make the decision, Business 2 Community has put together a list of some of the most versatile corporate learning management systems, such as Mindflash, Saba, and IMC.

6 Barriers to Organizational Learning

When discussing organizational learning there are barriers that come to mind, because they can be difficult to overcome. But knowing about them and how to go about the problem is the first step to surpassing the barrier. This article explains 6 barriers, like stubbornness to change and too much control that will help you get on the right path to organizational learning.

Amazon says it will share employee training know-how with other firms

Amazon has decided that they want to share their knowledge on employee training with other companies and firms. They will inform others, in a 4-year program, how to put together an ambitious employee training program to prepare entry-level employees.

Walmart opens employee training center in St. Charles

Walmart has also increased their employee training game, by opening a new in-store training academy designed to improve customer service. There are already 4 Walmart’s in the country that have incorporated this academy. Read more on how Walmart is increasing productivity with their own training academy.

Walmart figures out how to save “millions” on employee training

Following the previous article, we discuss how Walmart will eventually save millions with their new paperless training for employees. This article will give you a closer look and deeper understanding to what the training program will include.

Training and Development: 5 Popular Misconceptions about Employee Trainings

This next article, from the Huffington Post, discusses the 5 most common misconceptions about employee training that most HR managers find to be true, but are actually false. Some include “training is a waste of money” and thinking “you always need external trainers”. [pardot-form width=”100%” height=”350px” id=”861″ title=”TrainingStation Middle Form”]

Putting the Training Wheels in Motion – 5 Tips to Help Launch an Effective Learning Management & Employee Development Program

If you feel a little stuck in how to get you training program going, while making it effective then this article from Business 2 Community can help. Here are 5 basic tips that you should keep in mind while implementing and effective and efficient training. These include involving your staff and making sure you create a program and not an event.

Training – an employee or corporate benefit?

This article answers the question of whether employee training is more beneficial for the employee or for the company. It could be understood that training benefits both in similar and different aspects, but read on to see what Enterprise Times has to say.

Training and Development: 9 Ways to Find Out Where Your Employees Need Training

You may already have an employee training program in place but there is always room for improvements, especially in the problem areas of the program. First you need to discover what areas where your employees need the most support. This can be done through performance appraisal, customer feedback as well as employee requests.
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