4 Tips for Getting Millennials Productive Faster

Your training program might need a face-lift. If you’re going to run a successful and long-lasting business, you need to make yourself attractive to the new population increasingly taking over the workplace – Millennials. And to get your Millennial workforce up and running, you need a proper training program, customized to Millennials strengths. Why do

Top articles This Week on Employee Training Technology

Technology is constantly evolving. A good business knows how to identify technology improvements and use them to enhance productivity. While high-tech enterprises are usually pioneering the technology improvements area in terms of innovation, creativity and usage rate, other organizations usually stay behind. And when you consider the swift pace of development in every technological field,

Great Prezi Presentation: How To Close The Gap Between Initial Employee Training & Full Proficiency

When onboarding users on new software, companies strive to minimize the gap between initial employee training and full proficiency.  Minimizing this gap reduces training costs, increases workforce productivity, and allows management to focus on more vital problems. In this Prezi presentation you can find great tips that’ll help you make the training process more efficient

Best Training Articles This Week

The internet is full of empowering knowledge that is just a click away. But why spend hours browsing when you have this magnificent weekly roundup?  This week I have chosen a diverse group of articles for you, which raise interesting questions, such as what happens with training when you finish onboarding a new worker? Enjoy!

Using Employee Training Videos to Improve Your Employee Performance

Employee training videos are among the most prominent training tools around. A single well-developed video can play a more prominent role in an employee development plan template than a dozen training articles or brochures. Good examples of this are orientation videos, which are not only useful in educating new employees, but are also very good