Creating an Employee Training and Development Program

Creating an employee training and development program is theoretically simple. After all, most employees learn new things regularly while on the job. However, as impressive as this may be, it’s also important to remember that this form of learning is incidental in nature, and does not offer a lot of practical rewards for most companies,

Benefits of Employee Training and development

In the increasingly more aggressive business setting of current years, discovering a way to train employees has turned out to be a crucial concern for countless number of businesses. Numerous numbers of diverse methods of training and development have emerged, ranging from monetary incentives to bigger participation and high empowerment. Employee training and development can

Understanding the Importance of Employee Training

All organizations understand the importance of employee training because they understand the importance of having a skilled and highly qualified workforce. Well trained and qualified personnel are essential to the success of any company, and investing in personnel training and development can have a tremendous effect on the long term interests of a growing organization.

5 Must Read Training and Development Articles

Sometimes, developing a good employee training program is not just about implementing the right policies or hiring the right people; it also often involves reading informative training and development articles. These articles don’t always have to be unique or ground breaking, though. What matters is that they provide you and your company with new insights

3 Gamification Examples to Try in Your Employee Training

There are all kinds of gamification examples in the corporate world. However, it’s also important to know precisely what gamification is, and what it’s meant to achieve. In its most basic form, gamification refers to the concept of using and applying game mechanics as well as game design techniques to motivate people to perform certain

3 Employee Training Methods for Managers

There are all kinds of employee training methods, but certain methods are best implemented by specific types of personnel. For example, in a classroom environment, instructors and lecturers are obviously the most suited for this sort of work. Likewise, there are also plenty of training methods that require personnel other than trained instructors. Among these

Great Video: Morf Media Corporate Training Gamification

Learning through play has been shown to be the most effective method of acquiring new skills. This explains why companies that have “gamified” their training have the best resulted from their training programs. I found this short video clip by Morf Media, which is quite informative about gamification. This video highlights the benefits of gamification