7 Sales Training Solutions Worth Investigating

For sales companies, managing their Salesforce is paramount. Properly training and monitoring employees often means the difference between a sale and a bust. To tackle this issue, many companies now use sales training solutions. These solutions are a form of Learning Management Systems (LMS) that is used to impart necessary skills and knowledge to a

The Complete Discovery Based Learning Process

The most important thing to remember about discovery based learning is that it is very similar to scientific method, and this is because it relies on a lot of inductive reasoning. Unlike conventional teaching methods, this training strategy relies on heavily on what direct observation, experimentation as well as the natural initiatives of the trainees.

5 Ways To Help Unproductive Employees

Productivity is an essential concern for any company. Employers and managers must ensure that employees are productive and that their actions contribute to the organization. So the question is: how can you help unproductive employees? How To Help Unproductive Employees Training employees is an integral part to fostering productivity in the early days of hiring.

Video: Social Media at Work

Technological growth of social media has a paradoxical nature. On one hand, it is quick to be adopted by the average consumers. But on the other hand, organizations are unwilling to integrate them. Red Sky Vision illustrates this disconnect between workplaces and social media and how it is currently being reconciled. Organizations are usually risk-averse.

April Fool’s Day: The Things That Drive Any Training Manager CRAZY!

On this April Fool’s Day, I thought it’d be best to turn some of the most annoying reoccurring experiences that any training manager goes through into amusing GIFs.  From the infamous “I know we learned it, but I forgot” to when you realize you just spent 70% of the training time teaching how to operate