5 Must-Reads of The Week in Training Management

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Welcome to this week’s top 5 articles in employee training. In this fantastic group of articles you can find discussions on the concept of formal vs informal training and the advantage in each, the power of training in reducing gender bias within the company, and the training required for a good management to reach its full potential.

Surprise: New Employees Want Formal Training

A research by Russell Korte, Samantha Brunhaver, and Sheri Sheppard demonstrate that fresh employees may need more formal training than many of us think. Talent improvement specialists devoted time and resources to move toward up-to-date office space must invest in formal training to all employees and maintain the high standard no matter time constraints and presumption about necessitation.

Unconscious Bias Training Doesn’t Change Employee Behavior

Gender bias and training. This eye opening article discusses the use of employee training to reduce bias within the organization and remove any sort of prejudice or inequality from within its ranks. Some forget that training is the core method for a company to educate its employees and provide them with a relevant set of values that goes together with the company’s vision.

Effective Employee Training Must Support Personal Growth

Luis Ramirez, director of marketing for digital media at InterCall, is providing an insightful interview and examines what employees seek from their training experience and how companies can meet or exceed these expectations in the coming year. I especially recommend reading on the elements that employees seek from these training programs and the way these companies make their programs more interactive and engaging?

Managers Need Training for ‘Performance Conversations’

Martin the author explores the performance management aspect and how it is influenced by proper training in the beginning of the managing cycle. The most important aspect brought to light in this article is the experience he shares from within the training programs used in American giants such as Avnet and Kia Motors.

How to Use LMS to Improve Employees Performance

As the economy grows, more and more companies realize the importance of having highly skilled personnel able to deal with constant technology and market changes. Often, the cheapest and most productive way to reskill employees and to improve their performance is by investing in Learning Management Systems (LMS). Learning Management System is software used for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivering content and training materials.
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