Best Training Articles This Week

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#1 The Best Preventive Medicine

Managing human behavior matters a lot in enhancing performance improvement. Unfortunately, most of us tend to overlook this important factor in training. Lisa Toenniges reminds us of the importance of mastering human behavior to ensure better overall company ‘health’.

#2 In Future Everything will Learn

The world is becoming more and more closely knit with the powerful advancements of modern technology. Ryann K. Ellis describes a future where machines will learn and interact with human beings in personalized ways.

#3 Training Hubris

What is the point of running a training activity that doesn’t produce business value to an organization? That’s a total waste of resources. Marc Rosenberg best of week article on Training Hubris has precious lessons on this topic.

#4 Gamified Training Tips from S.A.P

Gamified Training is one of the biggest advances ever made in employee training. SAP’s Susan Gaeler shares some brilliant tips for running successful and efficient gamified training.

#5 Development and Learning Leader – Your Job Has Changed

And here’s one by me- L&D has undergone dramatic changes over the last couple of years. Join me in a short (virtual) journey through some of these changes to understand how your job (as an L&D) manager has changed.

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