What Really Gets to Learning Officers These Days? Professionals Chime in with Their Biggest Pain Points

I initiated an interesting discussion on LinkedIn earlier this week, not with the intended purpose of a blog post, but rather I was just curious – why not turn to experienced people involved in training/learning within organizations and ask them, what their 3 biggest pain points are rights now = what really bothers them?  Not

What are the Reasons Why Some Employees Fail to Realize Their Potential?

Yes, managers are faced with this question all the time – why are some employees, who on the surface seem to have very high potential, frustratingly not reaching it? And while I realize that workers are a diverse group, and personal reasons play a factor, I think there are clearly certain familiar patterns in observing

VitalSmarts’ Impact Cloud Measurement Tool Aims to “Connect Training to Results”

Periodically, this blog has focused on company product releases or announcements that I think is interesting and noteworthy, and which I try to give a brief overview of the product news, and follow up with a senior company official to get some more insight into the larger picture. Last month, VitalSmarts, a Provo, Utah-based innovator

What’s your Employee Education System?

As a business professional, possibly the head of your business, people probably often ask you what your company’s stance or approach on one thing or another is. “What is your business philosophy? What is your service motto? What is your revenue model?” So, you’re used to having a clear view and definition of these various things

Using Employee Training Gamification for Organizational Learning

Put your gamer pants on, folks, because today we’re going to talk about employee training gamification, and I don’t just mean a passive discussion of what it is. Gamification has, in a very brief time, gone from a quirky, edgy theory to a fully-explored and widely-employed method of engagement and retention for training as well as

The Uniqueness of Employee Training in the Banking Industry

I want to start a series on the blog. being more industry-specific, so I hope over the coming weeks and months to focus on specific professions and various industries, and look at the uniqueness of employee training programs and strategies within each.  I hope also to be able to conduct interview with leading learning professionals