DevLearn 2015: Integrating Learning With Performance Support

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This fascinating webinar is led by Dr. Eran Gal, an international employee training and learning expert and owner of Workplace Learning & Performance Support. He discusses how to successfully integrate formal and informal learning using a performance support (PS) platform. PS platforms are an up-and-coming learning tool, where users learn-by-doing with a computer program that “holds their hands” and guides them through complex processes, as would a mentor or coacher. PS platforms provide just-in-time, just-enough and just at the point-of-need computer support for an effective and efficient job performance. PS platforms have proven their ability to enhance productivity, cut training costs and shorten time to proficiency. Dr. Gal demonstrated how PS platforms work using one of the most popular PS platforms used today, WalkMeTM. He led a demo of how WalkMe works with the Salesforce CRM, a typical IT screen with lots of buttons and text boxes that users can get lost in. He showed how WalkMe guides users step-by-step when performing common tasks in Salesforce, such as creating a lead record. This approach is very effective at building IT system competencies. WalkMe’s training expert, John Mark Ikeda, jumped in to explain the full range of WalkMe’s capabilities and how they be leveraged to enhance the user experience. He stressed that, not only does the WalkMe platform train employees, but can also be used to increase online sales by guiding buyers through the purchasing process, notifying them of sales and promotional offers and helping decrease the number of clicks to complete processes.
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