The Truth About Employee Motivation

“Why are you motivating your employees?” You might be surprised I am even asking this question. It’s obvious isn’t it? Motivated employees are good for the bottom line. This, of course, is true. However, I want to call attention to a counterproductive trend in employee motivation practices, one which occurs when companies want a quick-fix

Improving Employee Engagement with 9 Must Read Articles

What is the most important thing to remember when managing employees, especially after summertime? Employee engagement is an important key to success, and it highly important to maintain, especially after summer vacation when motivation tends to be low. We all understand how vital it is to an organization to have fully engaged employees who want to

DevLearn 2015: Integrating Learning With Performance Support

This fascinating webinar is led by Dr. Eran Gal, an international employee training and learning expert and owner of Workplace Learning & Performance Support. He discusses how to successfully integrate formal and informal learning using a performance support (PS) platform. PS platforms are an up-and-coming learning tool, where users learn-by-doing with a computer program that

Employee Engagement is Just as Important as Customer Engagement

Reaching customers and maintaining loyalty levels is pretty obvious as a necessary objective toward company success. Research firm Gartner estimates that customer engagement initiatives are underway at over 15% of Global 1000 organizations, run by leaders such as the chief innovation officer, CEO, CIO, head of digital marketing, or chief customer officer.   Yet while

The Importance of Employee Engagement For Your Training Program

Employee engagement basically refers to an approach of building cordial relationship between an organization or business unit and its employees. This approach is unquestionably one of the most vital factors that ideally determine the success of an organization. This basically means that for any organizational success to be attained there is need to first engage