Improving Employee Engagement with 9 Must Read Articles

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What is the most important thing to remember when managing employees, especially after summertime?

Employee engagement is an important key to success, and it highly important to maintain, especially after summer vacation when motivation tends to be low.

We all understand how vital it is to an organization to have fully engaged employees who want to be a part of the team, and come into work every morning and provide the company with a quality performance.

So why not do our best to make employees more engaged and motivated?

There are plenty of ways to increase the engagement of your employees and ultimately increase the proficiency of the workplace. This month’s articles encompass all the know-how’s, tips, and necessities for improving engagement.

How Employee Engagement Impacts the Bottom Line

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about the work they are doing and their commitment to the organization and their work.

So, the higher engagement from employees the bigger the increase in the bottom line. This means there is a need for investing in human capital, using teaching value to develop engaged employees, and measuring your gains!

Employee Engagement Ideas: Understanding Their Needs

Understanding the employees needs is a great first step to increasing their engagement at work. This ensures that the employee feels important to the company and will want to put forth complete effort.

This article focuses specifically on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (i.e., physiological, love/care, esteem, and self-actualization). These needs are the key to an individual’s growth and could be vital to their improvement in an organization.

7 Trends in Employee Engagement

This next article is part 2 in a 3 part series all about employee engagement.

We start off here with trends 4, 5, and 6. These trends include the need for more employee feedback, transitioning from a work/life balance to a blend between work/life, and the growth of people analytics. These trends are sure to increase engagement levels.

Better Employee Engagement

Here’s another article that discusses the importance of engagement on the bottom line and how it could provide higher profit margins.

This article gives you 5 tips on how to increase employee engagement for your team. These tips include respecting employees, having room for innovation, and being authentic.

This article also suggests the idea of being flexible, such as with the 9 to 5 schedule, give employees options to work from home or even swap schedules.

Why Building Better Offices Is The Key To Employee Engagement

I came upon this article and was intrigued. Here we discuss how millennials are drawn to urban environments and city like areas, which is why companies are returning to the cities to create new styles of workplace to attract the millennials.

It is believed that traditional work spaces promote or greater sense of efficiency rather than inspiration and innovation.

We are given some great examples of organizations that reinvented their workplace such as, WeWork, Wells Fargo, and Columbia Center.

Ditch The Employee Engagement Survey — Here Are Ten Better Ways To Listen

This interesting article suggests that surveys is the wrong way to receive feedback from employees as it communicates the wrong messages.

It seems to convey an impersonal message that is very limited in the types of response and answers you can get. So this article writes about 10 cheap and fruitful ideas on better ways to listen to your employees and increase engagement.


The Surprising Secret to Better Employee Engagement

This next article fits perfectly with the previous one. We need better ways to engage with our employees and obtain higher engagement from them.

Here we suggest a personal one-on-one meeting that has 6 distinct steps to a successful meeting, ultimately resulting in higher engagement.

5 Employee Training Podcasts for your Drive to Work

I’ve decided to include this article in the roundup as one of the podcasts is about employee engagement, along with 4 others that discuss an array of topics.

These podcasts are great to listen to any time of the day, morning drive, lunch time, after dinner treat! They provoke conversations and thoughts that are sure to be intriguing to any training manager.

The 7 pillars of Employee Engagement

Last, but certainly not at all least, we discuss the 7 pillars of employee engagement. From job satisfaction to employee engagement there are aspects that a work relationship must have in order to strive.

Read all about the pillars of effective engagement such as trust, impact, alignment, empowerment, recognition, development and workplace.

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