3 Golden Rules For Delivering Effective Technical Training — Without The Boredom

What keeps a company competitive? Is it its marketing? How productive its employees are? Or how innovative its offering? Actually, it’s none of those things. It’s having employees who thrive using the latest tools and technologies. It’s those tools and technologies that give the company a competitive edge. But training employees to use these tools

Increasing Productivity Results In Business Growth: Research Reveals Secret To Making More Money

We live in a hyper-connected digital world that moves at lightning speed. So why don’t we get more done? In large organizations, things move slowly. Meetings drag on. Emails pile up. Delays are common. Everyone seems impossibly busy. But employee output is still much less than it should be. This fact is a cause of

How To Identify Employees Training Needs And Improve Effectiveness of Training Programs

HR expert Liz Ryan identifies three things all employees need. Do you know what they are? Training, guidance, and encouragement. But the reality is that only a small percentage actually receive them all. You probably know this already if your training budget has been cut. Unfortunately, that is the situation for far too many training

Employee Motivation Is The New Customer Engagement. Top Tips On How To Keep Staff Motivated

Yours is a thankless job. No seriously, you might aswell give up and go home now. Because nobody is interested in the work they’re doing. So they’re not going to be interested in doing it better. Statistics say that a shocking eighty seven percent of the world’s workforce is disengaged. That’s extraordinary. So how on

13 Awesome Time Management Apps That Will Make 2018 Your Most Productive Year

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day.” How many times have you heard, said, or thought that phrase? In a hyper-fast paced world, we’re all increasingly time poor. Our to-do lists get longer and longer, not shorter. It’s a constant source of employee frustration. We eat breakfast at our desks (if we eat it

What Are The Benefits of Knowledge-Management Systems?

Information flows throughout organizations can be quite overwhelming, as documents, emails, interactive content, memos, and various others. Data streams come in and out at an alarming rate, especially during an era where there’s significant growth. This is largely facilitated by technological advancements and ever-evolving user demands in today’s digital age. With all the information at