The Slasher’s Guide to Cutting Training Costs

There is nothing spookier than losing money on employee training programs. With Halloween right around the corner, reinvent your training program by slicing it up and feeding parts of it to the wolves! Here are the Slasher’s tips for cutting training costs!

1. Reduce Face-to-Face Time with Laurie Strode-like Training Managers

Stop offering costly training workshops that are as boring as a haunted house is scary. Don’t let your employees’ waste away listening to a training manager lecturing them for hours on end. Employees don’t retain the majority of information that they learn in passive learning training programs so limit the amount of classroom-like training you provide.


2. Dismember your Training Program

Don’t dedicate an entire week full of nothing but training — it’ll get staler than Halloween candy in March. Stagger your training program so that employees have time to properly digest new material. In this way, you won’t fry the brains of your new hires by overloading them with information.


 3. Upload Your Killer’s Manual to the Web

Upload your employee manual online so that it’s accessible 24/7 to all of your employees. Encourage your employees to access it online before beginning the training program so that everyone begins with the same baseline knowledge. Also, suggest that your employees steal and eat their children’s Halloween candy while reading the employee manual to make the time fly by.


 4. Appoint Mentors for New Slasher’s to Teach them the Ropes

It’s always helpful to have someone who knows the ropes. Remember when there was the older kid who could point all the best routes for trick-or-treating? This is like that, but with less candy involved. Appoint each new hire with a mentor who can steer them in the right direction.


5. Destroy Training Material that Doesn’t Add Value

If there is training material that isn’t directly related to boosting your bottom line, get rid of it entirely. Sort out what training materials are relevant and what are not. Then, take out your knife and make the cut!


 6. Use Grisly Online Self-Help Tools

Use online tools to provide automated training. Instead of paying another employee to train new hires, consider using an e-learning software system to streamline the training process without distracting other employees from their dreadful work.


7. Standardize Your Murder Plan

The more standardized the training process is, the more clear-cut training materials will be.  It can take a great deal of work to standardize training procedures for smaller companies, but you’ll see it pay off when new employees start zipping right through training and into becoming self-sufficient employees.

With these steps, you’ll be cutting costs on training in no time. More to spend on the company Halloween party!


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