Top 3 Employee Training Books

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booksEmployee training books are a dime a dozen, but as with most topics, you can never discount competent literature by an educated author as a huge source for insight. While the internet mentality of today is starting to make people value the printed book a little less, I think it’ll survive its eBook transition and still trump a lot of other mediums for times to come. That said, I am perfectly comfortable recommending a few of the better employees training books out there. I try to avoid the particularly textbook styled ones myself, so I suspect you would prefer to do the same. So, I am making these recommendations based entirely on relevance and how good of a read it is in and of itself. Let’s rate these for actual people shall we? Note that almost all business books are available as eBooks, but I prefer paperbacks myself, so you may see one that’s paperback only. #1 – Employee Training & Development (Raymond Noe) Noe wrote a monster, and he spends time talking about darn near every learning model, implementation and flow logic construct you can begin to imagine. He powers through organizational learning, touches on gamification and seems to have quite the insight into the human psyche in a training environment. This puppy is thick and expensive at $134.31 on Amazon, and two editions seem to exist, only one of which offers an eBook format … allegedly. But, if you don’t mind the price and the paperback, then this is the inclusive title for someone with time only to read one book on this subject. Noe compacts a lot of data in his writing, but he reads pretty well. #2 – Disney U (Doug Lipp) This book teaches by example, and cites one of the most powerful media corporations on the planet, Disney. Disney is known to have established the absolute most engaged and customer-oriented employee base around, and Lipp takes you on a whirlwind tour through how they performed this miracle. I’m a fan of Disney, regardless of what people say about them. And, I have to admit, their employees are pretty outstanding people, so I would say this book has a thing or twenty to teach even the best customer care professional. Doug is a great writer with excellent verve and narrative, so it’s an engaging read all the way through. #3 – 100 New Employee Training Ideas (Nobody Knows Who Wrote This!) Published anonymously and incredibly affordable, this is more of a benign manifesto than a traditional narrative piece of literature, prose or not. However, it’s a book I recommend in the big top three because despite its simplicity and brevity, the ideas it puts forward are nothing but brilliant. It gives insight into engagement and gamification that I’d never have thought of. This one’s a quick “make me think” kind of read, and I recommend it alongside Disney U as the best combination, though it complements Noe’s book well enough as well. So, if you’re looking for the best employee training books out there, then these three are it, odd as that may seem. I found this writing insightful and I hope you do too. Perhaps you would like our employee training plan template as well.
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