WalkMe Employee Training Tracker

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Online training is becoming an increasingly important facet of digital technology in the new millennium. Starting with the dawn of computers in the 1960s, and prevailing to this day, computer-enhanced training and education was merely a dream of the future. Now, modern technology has the ability to –not only train – but to  track  employee training.

For a long time, employee training has existed in some form or another. Upon the dawn of the World Wide Web in the 1990s, educational literature and even collegiate correspondence courses became available on computers. This was the first technology to facilitate and aid the online learning process. Now, ne the most cutting edge learning technologies is the employee training tracker.

What exactly is an Employee Training Tracker?

Training trackers observe the progress of a trainee by analyzing their activity and progress. Progress can be tracked via videos, projects, tests and most importantly, online behavior. Testers can observe user interaction with software for factors such as speed, competence, dependability and current skill levels. The observations can be done live, while users are performing tasks in real-time.

What is an example of a popular Training Tracker?

Look no further than WalkMe. WalkMe is a training and tutorial creation platform with a full bodied UI and API.  It can be implemented into your software by simple point and click scripting  – which requires no programming. WalkMe can be directly integrated with other existing employee training tracking software on your system as well. It is aware of the various elements on each page,  and – based on a user’s activities – it can adapt in real-time.


As a teaching software, WalkMe can actually guide users – just like a personal hands-on trainer – automating tasks as the trainee becomes proficient. Employers can log and track trainee or user competence as they interact on a site, in tandem with WalkMe. Employers observe a trainee’s skill level, as well as the spots where they are struggling. WalkMe integrates tracking with course data to bring the lab and the classroom together in an intelligent way. Integrating Walkme into other learning systems can allow for dynamic monitoring and guiding of progress in real trials.

WalkMe is so powerful, it is used for tasks beyond training. It can be utilized as a self-service system for customer support, for interaction with SaaS and even for navigation assistance.

As technology becomes smarter, reliance on digital systems will only increase. The sky is the limit for training, user experience, and ease of information access. If you want to excel in this area, WalkMe is the employee training tracker that can get you there.

Jason is the former Lead Author & Editor of TrainingStation Blog