VIDEO: Extra Credit: Gamifying Education

There are many flaws to ordinary programs that can be easily corrected through gamification. Like in the case of school-work, gamification can help you motivate your students to even perform better in their class work. This wonderful video talks about how teachers (managers) can empower their students (employees) to make decisions for the future. Highlights:

How to Setup the Right Employee Gamification Program

Employee gamification has become quite popular as a method of encouraging employees to be more productive, innovative and to improve employee relations among themselves and top management. This is possible through improved communication, which in turn leads to more loyal to a company. By turning work into play to some extent, the office workplace becomes

3 Great Employee Training Games

By: Jason @TStationBlog Silberman For the past couple years, the idea of gamification to enhance employee training, alleviate tedium and ensure incentive and reception to training, people have unintentionally placed themselves in a position where they pigeonhole gamification into being applied in a specific way. This gives a wrong view of the scope of employee training games.

Utilizing Gamification in Making Training More Engaging

A strategy that is gaining increasing adoption recently – in training and in many other fields – is gamification. This concept has been broadly applied into several domains already, including websites’ design, and it is expected to change the employee training environment as we know it. For previous posts on gamification, click here.   What

The Main Organizational Learning Perspective of 2013

A couple weeks ago, I had coffee with my colleague, and he raised an interesting point I’d overlooked in my training literature in the past. He pointed out that different groups of companies have a varying organizational learning perspective. So do these perspectives, as a summary zeitgeist of the business world, change over time, like any