4 More Sales Training Management Solutions to Consider

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Sales training management solutions offer an effective way for organizations to train their salespeople. Most businesses look for sales training solutions that are designed to enhance onboarding procedures for their new employees. These solutions also facilitate appraisal processes, allowing companies to better comprehend skills levels. Salespeople can also take advantage of these solutions to manage sales cycles effectively. Of course, companies invest a lot in sales employee training tracking software and want to attain long lasting, measurable and tangible results. Salespeople generally need to learn how to operate a CRM software, right? Well, you don’t want the process to take forever, and then repeat itself down the road. WalkMe is a great platform that is designed to help new employees get up to speed on any cloud-based CRM – Salesforce, MS Dynamics CRM, SAP CRM, etc – within a short period.  By providing key instructions in real time, which allows salespeople to independently receive the needed guidance independently, it also helps to boost both team and individual productivity. Yet there are also various options that organizations can choose from when they need sales training management solutions. A couple of weeks ago I shared some sales training management solutions you should consider, and since then I’ve discovered a few more. Here are four more solutions that you can consider.  Xentor Solutions – It’s not just what has been done, but how well it’s been done! This solution offers three main products including Xentor Modules, Xentor Client, and Xentor Solo. Xentor, helps you to assess, manage, and report on the specific weaknesses and strength of the sales team you are using. This allows you to get the most out of every customer call. With this solution, it is easy to identify the factors that can hinder sales growth. The measurements can be customized to ensure they are aligned to your organizational goals. Xentor’s solution is flexible and it offers unique techniques designed to protect a company’s investment. It allows you to establish and mentor your salespeople while maximizing customer impact within a short period.  The TAS Group – Increase your Sales Velocity This solution gives you a comprehensive approach to promote the success of your salespeople. The TAS Group provides education services designed to help organizations make sustainable changes in the efficiency and effectiveness of their salespeople. Their Dealmaker smart software delivers proven sales methodologies right in your Salesforce CRM, taking the guesswork out of sales, coaching sales reps to win more deals, and providing visibility to sales management. Dealmaker is built on the foundation of the industry-leading Target Account Selling (TAS) methodologies, and can also be configured to reflect the sales processes and methodologies that are right for your business. Saba – Talent Management Systems They are considered one of the pioneers in terms of learning management. Saba allows you to offer customized training for your salespeople. It provides instructor-led classes on your premises or through the web. You can get the classes any time you require them, making the solution a convenient option. Richardson – Sales Training & Strategy Execution Richardson has several years of experience when it comes to offering customized training solutions. The solutions are designed to enhance an organization’s capacity. They also help to boost individual skills that are required to increase an organization’s sales. Richardson will help you achieve your goals, they develop customized programs that change behaviors and provide measurable results. From assessing talent and developing sales teams through verifiable outcomes, coaching, and reinforcement, they employ effective learning methodologies that draw on the best of interpersonal interactions and digital technologies. Their approach is highly collaborative, with a focus on enabling the right sales activity. Richardson equips your sales organizations with the effective dialogues skills necessary to, articulate your organization’s value, differentiate your solution from the competition and demonstrate credibility and trust. Related management information is available on time management techniques page.          
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