My Favorite Training Management Articles This Week

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This week I want to recommend you five articles about training that I find worth reading.  One of them emphasizes the importance of training and onboarding coexist side-by-side in the organization. Two articles discuss the contribution of sales training to the business. Lastly, two of the articles deal with training technology, what is it good for and some examples of such technologies that can improve your company.  

5 Sales Training Techniques That Every Manager Should Know

It is a common mistake to assume that the best salespeople are those who answer your question before you even thought about it, but it is not necessarily always true. Listening carefully to the client’s needs may be much more effective. But even gifted salespeople need training in order to be better ones. In this article you could fine 5 good tips for sales training techniques. One tip that I really cherish is to keep training short but consistent, a huge amount of information is difficult to handle with. Giving a lot of information in short period is not effective; the solution is micro-learning.  

The Relationship Selling Process: How to Win by Building Customer Relationships

As noted, effective communication between the seller and the client is important. Dale Carnegie introduces a sales training program, which focus on the relationship between the two. In this article you will find the 5 C’s, five steps in the relationship selling process:  Create, Collaborate, Connect. Commit and Confirm. Creating a sales strategy, the first step, is of a a supreme importance in this process.  

How To Get Employee Onboarding Right

 The first 90 days of a  new job are very significant for the future of the new employee. During this period, it is critical to introduce him with the company, its leaders and the coworker. Supporting environment will create a motivated worker, while in cases that support and direction are not offered, opposite results will occur. Maren Hogan argues in this article that while onboarding and training are not the same, it is very important for a company to have both. The two have to be done with a lot of attention, and there is interdependence between them.  

How Employee Training Software Can Help Your Company Meet Its Goals

Most of the organizations recognize that training is a key factor for success. The technology that penetrates more and more aspects within the workplace can assist us with training as well. Employee training software may improve the training process and helps us achieve better results for the business. Charlotte Ritter gives here 4 good examples of the way it impacts organizational goals. One I can really relate to is the fact it provides feedback for ongoing development and improvement. It can trace the employee’s records pretty simply and give them immediate feedback, rather than waiting a lot of time for the performance review.  

7 Sales Training Solutions Worth Investigating

As the technology evolves, we can find an increasing number of solutions for training. This article reviews 7 sales training solutions that can contribute a great deal. Walkme, for instance, offers an integrative program with customizable elements for tutorial, training and real time couching. It can make the learning process of a new program really fast and easy and spare your business a lot of time and money. More information is available on employee training videos page.    
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