The Ultimate Employee Training Multimedia Library

Here’s a collection of the top 10 infographics and videos I have collected over the years and shared on this blog. I hope you’ll find it useful, and make the most out of the great tips aimed to help simplify the process of training management.


  1. Interesting Video – How “The Hoops Whisperer” can Improve Your Employee Training


  1. Infographic: How to Create an Engaging Employee Training Video


  1. Interesting Video – All You Need To Know About eLearning

  1.  Great Video: Morf Media Corporate Training Gamification


  1. INFOGRAPHIC: Employee Engagement- The Key to Unlocking Your Team’s Potential



  1. Video: Social Media at Work

  1. The Best Employee Training Videos

  1. 2014 Employee Training Trends



  1. Infographic: The Future of Learning is About Personalization



  1. Great Infographic – Killer Tips for Nailing Employee Training in the Digital Age


Let me know which one you liked the most!

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