Why Improving Employee Performance is So Important

All companies understand the importance of improving employee performance, but there are also plenty of variations in how this process is carried out. Some organizations think that improving employee performance is a simple matter of imposing quotas or maintaining a certain level of productivity. Others simply equate employee performance with the amount of income generated

Find out How to Improve Employee Performance

A company must develop strategies, programs, and new benefits to maximize their productivity through their employees. Research has shown that virtuous and positive practices improve workplace production. Business managers have the responsibility of their employee action and in that they need to care for employees; be compassionate; inspire and motivate their workforce. This article will

Using the Right Knowledge Management Tools

Like any corporate asset, knowledge management tools have to be handled correctly in order for them to provide quality results. If used properly, they can reduce employee training costs, optimize personnel development and help trainees learn what they need to learn. Given their benefits, these types of tools are tremendously helpful to any company or

The Complete Performance Management Training Guide

Performance management training is a training process that’s aimed at management personnel to help them create an effective strategy for increasing the performance of those personnel who serve under them. Furthermore, performance management should always be customized to reflect the organization’s policies and practices. These policies must be flexible enough not only to help managers and

Employee Performance Review Tips to Improve Learning

Pointing at every typical performance flaws, criticizing weakness or holding the team member responsible for small mistakes should never be a part of your employee performance review. An appraisal system is not meant to penalize the poor performers. Rather than being a big source of disappointment, you can try to turn this system into a

Super Bowl Reflections – Building a Winning Team at Work

“People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses or the problems of modern society” – Hall of Fame Football coach Vince Lombardi. Vince Lombardi is considered one of the greatest American football coaches in history, and one of the best motivators as well. The National Football League championship trophy, which