7 Sales Training Solutions Worth Investigating

For sales companies, managing their Salesforce is paramount. Properly training and monitoring employees often means the difference between a sale and a bust. To tackle this issue, many companies now use sales training solutions. These solutions are a form of Learning Management Systems (LMS) that is used to impart necessary skills and knowledge to a

Workforce Training and Development Best Practices

I wrote earlier this week about management training, and how no matter your situation, this was a largely constant field. But, when it comes to workforce training and development, you’ll find yourself up against quite a problem. You see, you’re going to have to worry about specific fields, unless it’s soft skills you’re dealing with.

Tips for Employee Education in Enterprise Environments

Employee education in a corporate environment has a number of challenges to overcome that performing training in smaller business environments, or in non-business environments do not always contend with. At the same time, though, there are a number of concerns and obstacles that do exist across the board, even if training experts in other environments

The Changing Role Of Learning And Development Leaders

Over the past several years, the notion of what L&D (Learning and Development) should be has changed dramatically.  We’ve seen a shift from looking at training as a single event, which then is followed by employee daily work (with the expectation that they’ll be able to perform up to expectation following that initial training event).

Guest Post: How do you get the best out of coaching for your company?

This is a guest post by Scott Drayton, a Marketing Executive at Optimus Sourcing. Despite the economic difficulties that have arisen from the global downtown that began 6 years ago, the business coaching industry has continued to flourish and grow. However, in the unregulated world of business coaching, how can companies ensure that they are utilising