My 5 Favorite Training Articles This Week

This week’s best training articles feature training innovations, empowering women and a data driven approach to employee training. Take a closer look at the articles below and enjoy some entertaining and informative reads. Innovative Job-Training Programs Are Important. Here’s Why: The White House says innovative job training is necessary for the growth of the economy.

This Week’s Breaking News in Training

In this week’s best in Training, we look at just what do about skeptical, unwilling or even unhappy employees. From gamification to advances in technology, this weeks articles are about making employee positive changes. 1. Convincing Skeptical Employees to Adopt New Technology  Rebecca Knight’s article identifies the challenges faced by employers when employees become skeptical about

The Week’s Best in Training News and Articles

This Week’s best in training provides a number of insightful articles which will help you become more energized, be better equipped to conduct reference-checks, and even a look into a more digital and up to date corporate training. 1. Is Reference-Checking Training Necessary? Margery Weinstein’s article asks why reference-checking is particularly important and then presents exactly

This Week’s Best in Training News

In this article we look at training the distracted modern worker, how to encourage willing compliance training, and we also examine the role of motivation in the employee training environment.  1. Training a Plugged-In, Distracted Workforce: What Modern Learners Want & How to Deliver Carol Leaman considers just how to connect with modern learners in this